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When Nightline and ABC News paint with a broad brush

ABC World News

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This evening, ABC World News and Nightline will both air stories about corrupt state legislators. They’re calling the series, “State House Scoundrels”. The teaser says, “a lack of scrutiny breeds scandal among state lawmakers.” Continue reading

How Posterous Helped me Tell the Story of the EVO 4G

The EVO 4G from Sprint launches June 4, 2010.

Over the last year, in addition to this blog, I’ve kept a blog on the site It’s a blog where I focus on technology policy, mobile phones and Sprint.

In my experience, Posterous is substantially easier to manage than WordPress, but it doesn’t allow you the ability to personalize your blog to the extent WordPress offers. What it does offer is a quick bookmarklet, similar to Tumblr. When I spot a story, video or photo on the Web, I can quickly link it to my Posterous. There’s no formatting, no cutting and pasting of links — it’s just a quick and easy upload. I can even post to my Posterous via my mobile phone. WordPress takes me more time to manuever.

My Posterous site allows me to quickly link to a Sprint news release, video or perhaps a New York Times story about the FCC’s latest move and offer readers my take on why it’s important. I’ve set up my Posterous to automatically populate my Twitter feed, so the title of the Posterous post shows up as a tweet with a shortened URL linking back to the site.

Posterous makes blogging easy for busy people. Continue reading

When the Media Gets it Wrong

This week I’ve learned from the media that my employer hates Catholics and their efforts to help Haitian earthquake victims.

Well, that’s what’s been reported by The New York Times, so it must be true, right?


Let me give you the back story. I find it to be an insightful view into how the media and Washington public policy advocates work. Continue reading

Four Years Later: a Look Back at Sprint’s Response to Hurricane Katrina

Four years ago tomorrow, Hurricane Katrina made landfall near Morgan City, La. The storm actually had hit Adventura, Fla. a few days earlier as a Category 1 storm, but by the time it hit Louisiana, Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane.

The storm came just nine business days after Nextel and Sprint had closed the dealwith created our new company, Sprint Nextel Corp. At that point, we really had two of everything. Employees were worried about what the merger meant for them personally. Would I still have a job after the dust settles? Who would be my new boss? Who would be on my new team? Would the projects I was working on still be a priority in the new company? To be honest, it was a time of personal uncertainty for all us. Continue reading

Washington Post Publisher Apologizes to Readers, Not Employees

The best leaders among us take responsibility when things go wrong.

In today’s Washington Post, the paper’s Publisher & Chief Executive Officer Katharine Weymouth attempted to do just that by apologizing to The Post’s readers for the now cancelled “salons”, the first of which was to be held in Weymouth’s home on July 21. The question remains if her apology is enough for readers whose confidence in the journalistic integrity of the paper has been shaken or for Post employees, who were not mentioned by Weymouth, but who may have lost confidence in her leadership.  Continue reading