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Put your turkey and your PR in the oven ahead of the holiday

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The secret to hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home is doing all the planning and preparations you can ahead of time. My mom, for example, sets the table the night before. The weekend before, she makes (and freezes) some of our favorite side dishes.  This makes the holiday a little less stressful.

For reporters and bloggers preparations for the holidays is no different. Most writers I work with end up filing stories in advance of taking off, so if you want to get some news coverage during the holidays, do your pitching now and make it easy. Continue reading


Thanksgiving: Our Favorite Holiday, Our Favorite Meal

I love Thanksgiving and everything about it, except for the travel to get to my family in North Carolina. (Coming back up to Washington today took an extra two hours on I-95 — and I returned on Saturday to avoid the traffic!)

While I was home, I had a chance to interview each member of my family about why we love Thanksgiving so much. I think my cousin, a natural storyteller, captures it the best.


The title for the post is “Thx” because it will be very short. I am rushing to hop in the car to drive about 8 hours to be with my family in NC for a massive Thanksgiving meal that my personal trainer hopefully will forgive me for eating.

I didn’t want to join the millions of drivers on I-95 without telling you what I’m thankful for. Continue reading