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Vail Resorts seeks to bypass Foursquare & Gowalla

Drop Your Knee Not Bombs!

Powder day at Vail. Photo credit: Flickr, zachd1_618

Vail Resorts has begun beta testing a new location-based social network for skiers and boarders at Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Beaver Creek in Colorado and Heavenly in California. Dubbed Epic Mix, the system relies on the existing bar code scanners the lift operators use to scan your lift ticket before you board the chair lift.

I found out about it when a friend skiing at Vail this week posted an update on his Facebook page. (Apparently I missed Vail Resorts’ August news conference in New York announcing Epic Mix. I mean, it was in August. Who holds a news conference in August?)

This video explains:

At any rate, the idea is pretty simple. If you have an Epic pass, which is a plastic ID photo with an RF identification chip embedded inside, you can join the network.  Continue reading

Best Buy’s Best Practices

bestbuyBarry Judge, the Chief Marketing Officer for Best Buy, has a really smart idea for any communications team to consider employing.

Judge, who’s responsible for Best Buy’s marketing,  internal communication and public affairs, is hiring a “Senior Manager, Emerging Media Marketing” for his team. He’s decided to seek input from social media circles on what kind of person to hire.

But that wasn’t Judge’s initial idea. Continue reading

Federal Judge sides with PR Firm on Twitter Lawsuit

I’m not a lawyer and apparently I shouldn’t play one on TV.

Earlier this month, I told you about Tanner Friedman, a Farmington Hills, Mich. public relations firm, which found itself to be the victim of a brandjacking on Twitter. Rather than give Twitter time to respond to their complaint, the firm’s principal, Don Tanner, immediately went to local media with their plight and subsequently filed a suit in Federal Court in Michigan. Continue reading

PR Firm Sues over Twitter Brandjacking

This may be one of the best Twitter public relations stunts yet: a suburban Detroit PR firm has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to compel the social networking site Twitter to reveal who was behind a Twitter account which allegedly defamed the PR firm. Continue reading

The Lessons of Susan Boyle

American Idol fans may not realize it, but Simon Cowell, the judge they love to hate, is also a judge and producer a British TV show with a similar format called “Britain’s Got Talent.” I had never heard of this show until the YouTube video of contestant Susan Boyle showed up on my Facebook page tonight. She performed on Saturday night.

Continue reading

JetBlue Welcomes Bigwigs

JetBlue is ready to welcome bigwigs who are forced to give up their private jets.

JetBlue is ready to welcome bigwigs who are forced to give up their private jets.

Yesterday I was utterly charmed by a new web campaign launched by JetBlue. The airline created three videos which are housed at The site and videos are the second part of a web campaign launched last month.

Dubbed, “The CEO’s Guide to Jetting,” the humorous concept is simple and brilliantly executed. In light of the down economy, JetBlue recognizes that the nation’s CEOs are hurting and that they might have to give up their private jets. Fortunately, JetBlue is happy to step in and offer an alternative for air travel for the country’s down-on-their-luck CEOs.

Launched coming off of the weekend when we learned that the taxpayer-owned AIG would be giving $165 million in bonuses to the very executives who caused the company to fail, JetBlue’s timing couldn’t have been better. Continue reading

Farewell to Alltel’s Chad?

One of my favorite television commercials running now is a new ad for the cell phone company Alltel meant to promote a basketball-themed sweepstakes. The ad is the latest in a popular campaign by Campbell-Ewald Advertising. The campaign features an Alltel salesman named “Chad” and his friends, salesmen from the other national wireless carriers.

In the spot, we meet Chad on the basketball court where he and NBA great Clyde Drexler are choosing teammates for a game of pick-up basketball. Chad has made his last pick and Drexler is left to chose from Chad’s friends, the nerdy, but lovable salesmen from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. Continue reading