Thank you for smoking


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I got an employee email today at work advising me that smoking would no longer be allowed at the loading dock of my office building. That’s fine, because I don’t smoke.

But I was amused to read that “cigarette dispensers” had been placed at another entrance to the building as an alternative. Perhaps free Marlboros or Camels are a new employee benefit.

2 responses to “Thank you for smoking

  1. Maybe your company is putting their (tiny) cut of the vending machine $$ into their wellness program.

    My condo has a “no smoking” rule that covers public areas & the entrances. We have one man who is a hostile pig & opts to smoke outside w/out an ashtray & just dump his cigarette butts. So the board opted to put an ashtray near one of the side doors rather than just pointing a camera at him & fining him. So now I have to hold my breath going in the door.

  2. Ha! I had forgotten about when they pulled the florescent lights out of the vending machines to save the electric bill in a leased building where the power was included in the lease.

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