If You’re Getting an iPad, Why Not Make it a 4G iPad?

Apple does product launches better than anyone. Period.

Their next big launch is the iPad this weekend. While I am not in the market, for those who are, you should consider getting the WiFi version and then make it a 4G iPad by getting the Overdrive from Sprint.

Of all the things we sell at Sprint, this is my favorite product. It’s a mobile hotspot where you can connect up to five WiFi enabled devices to the Internet. You connect at 4G speeds where that’s available and to 3G where we haven’t rolled out 4G yet.

Just this week we launched another 4G market — this time, Houston. We’re already in 28 markets covering over 30 million people. By the end of the year we expect to cover 120 million people with Sprint 4G goodness. As for our competitors, they are still in the testing phase with 4G.

Oh and when it comes to all these rumors about a 4G iPhone, they’re actually true. You can get a 4G iPhone from Sprint right now.  😉 Watch:


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