Geeks Singing at SXSW Interactive

Last November, when I was in Austin for the launch of Sprint 4G, I met Jen Wojcik, and a friendship was born. Jen lives in Austin and is an IT recruiter, social media consultant and all around wonderful person.

Jen and I remarked to each other last week over dinner at The Oasis on Austin’s Lake Travis, that we never would have become friends through Twitter. But in person, it’s as if we were separated at birth. (Twitter is like that, I think.)

At any rate, long story short, Jen introduced me to Kate Buck, Jr. and Brett Petersel, her partners in producing what ended up being one of the best parties at SXSW Interactive — Tech Karaoke. I managed to convince the bosses at Sprint to put up some sponsorship dollars. It ended up being the best money we spent in Austin last week — what a great event!

When I asked Jen and Brett to describe Tech Karaoke, Jen said it was simply, “geeks singing.” Brett added, “it’s actually people getting away from their computers and rocking out with their other persona.”

Check out this video I took that night. Some singers were great, some not so great, but all had a fantastic time.

I can’t wait to do this again.


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