Vaynerchuk’s 5 Commandments of Social Networking

The Wall Street Journal’s Bits Blog has a very useful post on Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book, “Crush It”. Vaynerchuk offers five commandments for social networking. I can’t wait to read this.

Here’s how The Wall Street Journal tells it:

Gary V’s Five Commandments of Social Networking

1. Treat it like a cocktail party.

You have to get involved in different conversations. We don’t start selling the minute we meet people. It’s not a coupon outlet. It’s a real opportunity to connect with consumers.

2. Don’t draw lines in the sand.

Way too many business people say Twitter is stupid. Any product like Facebook is something you need to pay attention to in the business world. Some people don’t like to change. Instead, they feel they’re right, and say something is silly. Also, there are people who have vested interests in having these platforms fail because their understudies understand it so much better than they do. They are afraid they’ll be pushed out the door.

3. Humanize yourself or your brand.

It is OK to say, going to a soccer game. Or, having a hot dog. Humanization is quite powerful in this space. To be successful, this is the kind of thing you say 2% of the time.

4. Understand the authenticity.

Each consumer’s voice is dramatically more powerful today. This is word of mouth on steroids. The individual consumer has much more weight with corporate America. Most corporate brands will be wrapping their heads around the power of the individual consumer next year.

5. Interacting with potential clients and becoming part of the community is a real job.

You can’t spend ten minutes a day on this and think the social genie will save you. Most of all, you have to care. And you have to listen. That’s my overall arching thesis on this entire space. People think it’s about talking. What you say is irrelevant. The friend that listens is better than the friend who talks.


One response to “Vaynerchuk’s 5 Commandments of Social Networking

  1. I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube.

    I look forward to lots more!

    Sprint 4G will be amazing.

    I am anticipating a Boston launch next year.

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