Bringing Sprint 4G to North Carolina


Image credit: jacreative, Flickr (Creative Commons)

I’m writing this morning’s post from my hotel room in Charlotte, N.C., a great city where I once lived. I’m here because today, Sprint announced the launch of Sprint 4G in Charlotte and several other North Carolina cities, including  Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Lexington and High Point (the Triad) as well as Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill (the Triangle).

I’ll be meeting with reporters and bloggers in North Carolina all this week to personally demonstrate our Sprint 4G air cards, 4G routers and 4G personal hotspots.

Typically, when we launch a new phone, we’ll ship out demos to tech writers to review before the phone goes on sale to the general public. (I’ll field reviewers’ questions over the phone or through email, then the review is published.) With Sprint 4G though, I wanted to meet with people in person, because when it comes to network speeds, seeing is believing.

It’s one thing for me to tell you that Sprint 4G is like turning your whole city into a WiFi hotspot. It’s another thing entirely for me to show you what you can do when you’re able to take your lap top or your WiFi-enabled smart phone and use it at super fast speeds any where you want — not just the coffee shop.

This video is great, but showing people in person will be better.

My history with 4G goes back a ways. In 2004, I shared cube space with the team that led the strategic planning for Nextel’s 4G trials in North Carolina. (I overheard, but didn’t understand a lot.) Also, I was part of a small group of Sprint employees who beta-tested 4G in Northern Virginia before we launched the short-lived Xohm brand in Baltimore in 2008.

This morning, I’m in Charlotte; tomorrow I’m in Raleigh and Chapel Hill; Wednesday, I’m in Greensboro and Winston-Salem (my hometown) and on Thursday, I’m backtracking to Cary, before I zip back to Charlotte for my return flight to D.C.

It’s a crazy schedule, but I’m really looking forward to meeting friends whom I’ve previously only dealt with via Twitter, email and the phone. Too many people who work in media relations like I do forget that our job title implies that we build relationships with writers. You can’t do that without engaging people personally. That’s what I’m doing this week, but I’ll do it at 4G speeds.

Watch my Twitter feed this week to get my impressions or better, if you’re in North Carolina and you’d like me to show you 4G in person, shoot me a Tweet or an email and we’ll see if we can connect. I’d love to meet you.


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