Journalism: I Like Her

This morning on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, host Liane Hansen interviewed Nat Benchley, co-editor of  the book, The Lost Algonquin Round Table.

At the end of the interview, Benchley shared this poem written by Franklin Pierce Adams, who was known as the “Dean” of the Round Table. Adams included it in his column in the final issue of the The World, a New York newspaper which folded in 1931. Ms. Hansen thought it was worth ending the segment with since so many newspapers are struggling in this new age of online communications. I agree.


Journalism’s a shrew and a scold.

I like her.

She makes you sick, she makes you old.

I like her.

She’s daily trouble,  storm and strife.

She’s love and hate and death and life.

She ain’t no lady, she’s my wife.

I like her.


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