Leveraging Social Media Inside Your Company

My colleague Jennifer Sniderman is part of the team who manages our internal communications at Sprint. One of her more compelling projects over the last several years has been to integrate social media into those employee programs. For example, our corporate Intranet is combined with employee generated content from our own internal social media platform, which is known as Sprint Space. Employees have their own blogs inside the company’s firewall where they write and comment about what’s going on in the company and the industry. The best blogs posts from our workforce are posted on the front page of our Intranet home page.

One thing I believe has been critical to employees adopting Sprint Space is that our executives are not driving it down the food chain. Instead employees are connecting with peers and what they write and create is engaging executives and co-workers at all levels in the company. To be honest, because so few executives have established Sprint Space blogs, the site has more credibility with rank and file employees. It’s also growing organically.

Jennifer recently spoke to a Ragan Communications conference about the goals of Sprint Space and her team’s strategy in creating it and growing it. Check it out.


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