JetBlue Welcomes Bigwigs

JetBlue is ready to welcome bigwigs who are forced to give up their private jets.

JetBlue is ready to welcome bigwigs who are forced to give up their private jets.

Yesterday I was utterly charmed by a new web campaign launched by JetBlue. The airline created three videos which are housed at The site and videos are the second part of a web campaign launched last month.

Dubbed, “The CEO’s Guide to Jetting,” the humorous concept is simple and brilliantly executed. In light of the down economy, JetBlue recognizes that the nation’s CEOs are hurting and that they might have to give up their private jets. Fortunately, JetBlue is happy to step in and offer an alternative for air travel for the country’s down-on-their-luck CEOs.

Launched coming off of the weekend when we learned that the taxpayer-owned AIG would be giving $165 million in bonuses to the very executives who caused the company to fail, JetBlue’s timing couldn’t have been better.

In short, JetBlue’s ad agency, JWT Partners, used humor with a clever tie in to current events to promote the distinctives of the JetBlue brand. My understanding is that the airline is using social media like Twitter and Facebook to promote the site.

They also are pitching the site to news outlets. I spotted a JetBlue spokesman yesterday morning on MSNBC promoting the  Welcome Bigwigs site. They’ve also scored coverage in: The Wall Street Journal.

Here are the three videos. Which is your favorite?

In Chapter 1, the narrator laments, “that it’s no longer economically feasible to fly around in your own private jet.”

In Chapter 2, a hapless CEO, Carl Davis, explores JetBlue’s T5 Terminal at New York’s JFK Airport. (This part of the tongue-in-cheek campaign was inspired by a news report that former Lehman Bros. Chairman Dick Fuld and his wife Kathy had to have their driver explain to them how to use the JetBlue self check-in kiosk at a Florida airport.)

Finally, in Chapter 3, Carl explores the “private” features of JetBlue’s jets. The narrator closes with a suggestion that you can sell your uneconomical private jet on Craigslist.


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