Campbell’s M-m-m-misses the Point

The Campbell's Soup Co. produced a printed guide to explain changes to their Intranet.

The Campbell Soup Co. distributed this guide to employees to help explain changes to the company's Intranet.

One of the most useful newsletters on internal communications comes from Davis & Co., a New Jersey-based employee communications consultancy. Their latest issue has an item that misses the mark though.  In it, they highlight how their client, The Campbell Soup Company, was launching a new Intranet and needed to familiarize employees with its features. 

The Campbell’s solution was to create a printed guide to the changes to the company’s intranet. Doesn’t the use of print defeat one of the purposes for an Intranet, i.e. giving employees information electronically? Wouldn’t placing this information on the site before more cost efficient? Campbell’s is a Fortune 500 company with worldwide operations and tens of thousands of employees. The cost to print and ship this 4-color gated fold piece had to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

It really begs this question: just how user-friendly and intuitive is your new Intranet if you need to produce a printed guide to explain it?


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