The title for the post is “Thx” because it will be very short. I am rushing to hop in the car to drive about 8 hours to be with my family in NC for a massive Thanksgiving meal that my personal trainer hopefully will forgive me for eating.

I didn’t want to join the millions of drivers on I-95 without telling you what I’m thankful for.

As a PR professional, I am grateful for the reporters I work with. You make my job fun. You ask me tough questions aimed at uncovering facts, but you do so with a sense of humor. You’re patient when I’m not in a position to tell you everything you want to know or when my colleagues are slow to give me the answers to your questions. In over 20 years of working with journalists, I can only count of one hand the number of times I’ve really been treated unfairly. That’s says a lot about the high quality of journalism today.

I’m also grateful for my colleagues at Sprint Nextel. We’ve been on a roller coaster since the 2005 marriage which created our company. We’ve seen colleagues leave us for better gigs or just to take their lives in a different direction. We’ve celebrated weddings and birthdays, new babies and new homes. We’ve grieved the loss of loved ones and we’ve had our own share of personal health scares. You folks have become my friends. You’re one of the reasons I’ve stuck it out with our company – I really enjoy working with you.

I’m also grateful for the folks in my personal life, particularly friends from church, who’ve kept me focused on what matters (or tried to.) This year I celebrated a birthday with you that I will never forget. You’re a blessing to me. Also, I’m particularly grateful for Laura, Amparo and Wayne, three church friends who passed away this year and who taught me a great deal about what really matters in life.

And most of all I’m grateful for my family. The best part of the folks I’m related to is that I would chose each of them as friends if I was meeting them for the first time today. Most people I know have some sort of problems getting along with at least one family member. I am so fortunate I don’t.

Of course, I also want to thank you, the readers of this blog. Creating this space has been an exercise meant to stretch me and perhaps challenge you. I hope you’re enjoying the ride.

Speaking of riding, I gotta dash. I-95 is calling. So is turkey. I hope you’ll take a moment today to inventory what you’re grateful for in your life.

It’ll do you good.


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