Netflix Service Restored, PR Approach Widely Praised

Earlier this week I wrote about the failure of Netflix’s distribution system and their media relations team’s approach to handling this disruption to their business. Yesterday, the Netflix team broadly announced that service had been restored. They also sincerely apologized and indicated that customers would receive a credit on their bills in acknowledgement for the service disruption.

I honestly don’t think the could have handled it any better. If this isn’t a textbook case of how to handle a crisis, I don’t know what it. Steve Swasey, Netflix’s spokesman deserves a raise for his efforts. I’m sure headhunters will be contacting him soon.

Yesterday, Brad Stone, who writes for the New York Times’ Bits blog, had a post pointing out the lessons that Netflix taught businesses on how to handle a crisis. The comments are almost universally positive. And as Stone points out, Netflix’s stock was up at the end of the week.

Stone says there are three lessons from the Netflix experience:

  1. Customers can be cool during a company’s failure.
  2. Netflix customers are a patient lot.
  3. Netflix has earned goodwill by being reliable.

What lessons would you add to this list?


One response to “Netflix Service Restored, PR Approach Widely Praised

  1. I can add a few lessons:

    1. Lie BIG.

    2. Just don’t answer the phone.

    3. Keep on lying, no matter what.

    I haven’t had a movie in a week, They didn’t ship on those days they said they were shipping, AND I DON’T BELIEVE THEY SHIPPED FRIDAY, EITHER.

    Swasey should move on to Washington asap.

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